A Forged Friendship

Francis Vega and Neal Carlton shared a passion, to create art with iron. At first, an old tobacco barn was converted to work space. They even hand built their own coal fired forge.

Beginning the Vega Metals Venture

in 1987, Vega Metals Inc. was formed in Durham, North Carolina. Vega Metals has been the recipient of seven international awards for metal work and featured in numerous trade publications. Several books devoted to the art of blacksmithing have included our work. Our favorite book, "The Contemporary Blacksmith" by Dona Meilach, features our work, as well as that of many other blacksmiths.

Present Time

Sadly, in April of 2013 we lost Francis Vega to cancer. The tradition of both Vega Metals and Cricket Forge continues on, lovingly, with Neal and Francis’ wife, Cindy.

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